Requirements to be bought

List of the requirements for the boarders to be brought during admission

1.Woolen blankets 1No
2.Towels 3 Nos
3.Banyans (White,Sleeveless) 4 Nos
4.White T.Shirt (Plain) 2 Nos
5.Blue Cap 1 No
6.Woolen cap (grey) 1 No
7.Under wears 4 Nos
8.Hand kerchiefs
9.Pair of Black shoes Specification or pattern should be obtained from the college
10.Sports shoes with brown socks
11.Shuttle racket (optional)
12.Trunk-Height 10″ (with lock and additional keys)
13.Sports shots or track suit (Navy blue colour)
14.Hangers 6 Nos
15.Cloth line clips 6 Nos
16.Air-Bag (Kit bag) 1 No
17.Comb,mirror,tooth brush,paste,talc powder,tongue cleaner.
18.Water bottle
19.Hair oil,cold cream,nail cutter
20.Bath soap,detergents,soap box
21.Hawai slippers